Legal Compliance Assesment

Core Services_Legal Compliance AssessmentSolid corporate governance and a sound understanding of legal obligations is an essential foundation required for business growth and development.

Having operated in the small business environment for over 10 years, the Directors of Clifford Consultancy have a sound understanding of how difficult this can be to achieve in the competing priorities of today’s business world.

With the introduction of the new Work Health and Safety Act 2012, the obligations of Directors now represent a significant personal financial risk.

Can you afford a personal financial penalty of $600,000 or five years imprisonment?  That is in addition to a maximum penalty for a Corporation of $3 million.

We can help.

Our legal compliance audits provide a process to understand what your obligations are, how you comply and where there are any gaps.

Upon completing the audit, we provide a full report including:

  • Management summary of legal obligations.  This is aimed at ensuring Directors and Senior Management have a clear understanding of their obligations and so they may promote compliance in all decisions made and activities undertaken.
  • Full legal compliance analysis.  This report has a complete breakdown of the Work Health and Safety Act Tasmania 2012, and the Work Health and Safety Regulations Tasmania 2012 showing how your organization complies.  Any gaps in compliance are also clearly identified.
  • Recommendations on how gaps can be closed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  We understand that small and medium sizes enterprises have limited resources and every dollar invested must return greater value to the business.