Emergency Management

Core-Services_Emergency-Management-225x300Pre-incident planning and preparation

  • Building audits to ensure compliance to AS 3745-2010
  • Emergency Structures utilizing Incident Control System (ICS) based on the management system of the Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System (AIIMS)

Emergency Procedures and Evacuation Plans

  • Building emergency procedures
  • Evacuation plans to meet AS 3745-2010
  • In-house emergency procedure training

Incident Response

  • Effective and efficient response to identified risk
  • Emergency evacuation and associated activities

Crisis Management Recovery

  • Identification and assessment of current risks
  • Mapping and recording of possible impacts and consequences during an incident resulting in disruption;
  • Examines and develops cost-effective security, preparedness, and mitigation measures to protect against potentially disruptive incidents occurring;
  • Develops plans for responding to potential incidents in a professional and responsible manner including the effective mobilization of the workforce;
  • Plans and tests business continuity plans necessary to recover from disruptive incidents in the minimum possible amount of time; and
  • Collectively implements these measures to avoid as far as possible business disruption or a major emergency, crisis or disaster.

Post-Incident Analysis

  • Comprehensive compliance reporting and improvement plans