Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

Core Services_Drugs and Alcohol in the WorkplaceAs a business whether it be small, medium or large it is a legal requirement and a vital part of risk management to ensure workers are provided with a safe place of work. This relates to all employees, contractors, and visitors.
Have you considered how the use of illicit drugs or alcohol could be affecting your business?

It is often a hidden problem that only becomes apparent after an incident, but why wait to manage a problem after the damage has occurred?

Drug and alcohol use in your workplace is a safety risk that must be managed in order to provide a safe place of work for your workers.

We can assist at all levels in relation to the below;

  • Developing Drug and Alcohol Policies and testing programs
  • Who should be included in your drug and alcohol policy
  • The role of training and education in implementing a drug and alcohol program
  • Union involvement and negotiations
  • Best practice in implementation and employee consultation for any proposed policy and program
  • Agreed method of testing, oral – fluid- urine – hair
  • Types of testing – blanket, random, causal, suspicion, return to work
  • Testing for breath alcohol? What concentration is considered acceptable at your workplace
  • How will you manage an employee who tests positive?
  • Best practice in disciplinary issues specific to drug and alcohol testing issues
  • The role of rehabilitation and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Confidentiality issues and legal defensibility of any testing regime