Incident Investigations

Core Services_Incident Investigation 2Why Investigate?

As an Employer, Manager or Supervisor we all want to provide our workers with a safe place to work.  We want to keep our workers safe and it makes good business sense as incidents are an unnecessary expense.

Do you know what an accident could cost?

Many people believe that when an incident occurs, insurance will cover the costs.  Yes, insurance will cover medical care and damage.  Have you weighed up what the hidden costs that are not covered:


  • Lost time
  • Lost production
  • Extra wages and overtime
  • Investigation time and wages
  • Legal costs
  • Fines
  • Excess on any claims
  • Increased premiums
  • Reputation and social license damage
  • Loss of contracts

So, when an incident does occur it is vital that we investigate and find the root cause and put in place actions to be put in place to stop it happening again.  Without eliminating the root cause, you can’t eliminate the incident.

It is essential that action is taken quickly when an incident occurs.  Not only is investigation data lost easily, there may be legal obligations for reporting that need to be completed within very short timeframes.

We can help.

  • A thorough investigation is vital in order to identify what happened and how.  The factors that contribute are often many layers deep and require the gathering of data from many different sources.
  • ICAM – Incident Cause Analysis Methodology is an investigation analysis tool that can assist.  This methodology looks beyond the basic causes and people errors and identifies the systemic factors within the organisation that contribute to the incident.  These are the underlying causes that usually remain dormant until an incident occurs.
  • Actions can then be developed to fix these hidden drivers, and stop the incident from happening again.
  • Impartial: By using an external investigation team, we are able to ask the tough questions.  We are separated from any supervisory influence that will allow for an objective, independent perspective to be taken.  Our experience with investigations will ensure that we delve below the surface and reach the root cause.