Emergency Management

In any workplace, there is always the potential for an accident or emergency to happen.  Is your workplace ready?  Do you have: Evacuation plans Emergency equipment Are your staff trained to respond when an emergency occurs Are you ready for an emergency in your workplace?

Risk Management

Managing risk in your business will – Protect your people Protect your assets Protect your business

Safety Management

Managing safety in your workplace is as integral as making a profit.  In addition to the legal and moral obligations to ensure you have a safe workplace, a well-managed workplace saves you money. Can you afford a personal fine of $600,000 or five years imprisonment? Managing safety in your business can avoid this.

Legal Compliance

Solid corporate governance and a sound understanding of legal obligations is an essential foundation required for business growth and development. With the introduction of the new Work Health and Safety Act 2012, the obligations of Directors now represent a significant personal financial risk. Can you afford a personal fine of $600,000 or five years imprisonment?We can…

Risk Management

Is risk managed in your business? Sound risk management will help protect all areas of your business, increase profitably and reduce costs. Identifying and understanding your risks can help you to build a strong and resilient business, ready to weather any storm. Are your people and assets protected? We can help untangle the web!